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Walking Mirrors Music "Rockstar" Sponsor: San Anselmo's "Live on the Avenue!!!" 
Summer Concert Series

In the spirit of our mission "Connecting to Community through Live Music",  Walking Mirrors Music was named San Anselmo's 2023 "Live on the Avenue" Summer Concert Series "Rockstar Sponsor."


This sponsorship only seems appropriate and timely, since the band made their live public debut in 2022 and the band's "movement" took the North Bay live rock n’ roll music scene by storm.  After tearing down the house at all the major Marin venues (Sweetwater Music Hall, Hopmonk Novato and sold out Rancho Nicasio) in 2022, the band “rockingly” returns to Sweetwater, Rancho Nicasio, Hopmonk Novato, and many others in 2023. All the while raising substantial dollars for a host of not for profits.

Originally formed in 2019 by singer songwriter Mark Nelson and lead guitarist and producer Craig Bartock (Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Inductee band HEART), the band has assembled some of the top rock musicians in the North Bay: Thirty-year Joe Satriani drummer Jeff Campitelli (and ranked the 50th greatest drummer of all time by Rolling Stone Magazine), Rockin Bass player and background vocalist David Sikes (Boston, yes THAT Boston!!), and shredding guitarist Aidan Nelson (Deer Hollow, Berklee College of Music).


Delivering a classic but insanely original brand of reflective rock n roll, the band is led by Craig’s ripping guitar tones and overall musical direction, and Marks carefully crafted story-telling and raw vocals. The music is heavily influenced by the raw energy of the Rolling Stones and storytelling and approachability of Tom Petty. The band’s live sets include carefully selected songs from our twenty-six-piece original catalogue, and a host of synergistic cover songs that just make you feel the way you were meant to feel. Damn good


Walking Mirrors released their second studio album “Nothing Left for Gray” at the end of 2022,

three years after cutting their self-titled album back in 2019. Both albums are certain to “move you”


For the band, everything we do comes back to community connection and support…what can we do, as artists and musicians, to make the lives of others just a little bit better, and brighter. 


In service to our mission, all WM ticket proceeds are donated to local not for profits. To date, beneficiaries have included the Town of San Anselmo (our largest donation to date), Bridge the Gap CollegePrep, Sweetwater Music Hall, Nicasio Volunteer Fire Department, and Redwood Credit Union Community Fund (Raised over $10,000 for this one event)

Craig Bartock (Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Band Heart)
David Sikes (Boston)
Jeff Campitelli (50th Greatest Drummer of all-time: Rolling Stone)
"For me, our music is a creative collaboration of stories that musically connect to community.  Stories that reflect what is going on in the world today and resonate in an ear pleasing way. Playing that music live with some of the top musicians in the Bay Area (Craig Bartock-Heart, Jeff Campitelli- formerly with Joe Satriani, David Sikes -formerly with Boston), is surreal. Add my guitar shredding son Aidan, and it is like playing in a dream" 
 Mark Nelson, Lead Singer and Songwriter 


Mark Nelson

Lead Singer, Songwriter, Guitar

A lifelong story teller who possesses an innate ability to write music and share experience through songs, Mark is the primary voice of the band. As the "Chief Connection Officer," his writing is heavily influenced by an undying belief in a better tomorrow--for everyone. A native Marinite and man of life long community service, making and playing music has become a primary vehicle for communicating "the things that really matter in life: Family, friends, and helping out those in our communities that are less fortunate than ourselves."


Craig Bartock

Lead Guitarist, Producer, Musicality Director

The bands Lead Guitarist, Musicality Director and Producer Craig Bartock has spent the last twenty-two years as the Lead Guitarist and producer for the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame inductee band Heart. In our band, all things music go through Craig--He is the Chief Engine Officer. Prior to joining Heart, he had a decades long career as a Music Producer (Simply Red, Blondie, Madonna, Brie Larson, and countless others) down in Los Angeles. He planted his roots in Marin County, CA, fifteen years ago and has used his musicality to connect and serve the community ever since. 


Aidan Nelson

Lead Shredding Guitarist and Sound Guru

A Marin native and playing music since the age of five, Aidan started playing guitar and recording as a teenager and serves as our bands "Chief Shredding Officer". While studying Music Production and Engineering at Berklee College of Music, Aidan formed the Heavy Metal band Deer Hollow, and was their primary songwriter, lead singer and lead guitarist. He spends his days as a consultant for Salter and Associates, one of the top Acoustic engineering firms on the planet. He spends his nights (and weekends) playing, recording and producing music at his West Marin studio.


Jeff Campitelli

Drums, Percussion and Pro Timekeeper

As the former long-time drummer for Joe Satriani, Jeff is considered one of the best percussionists in the country, and was ranked the 50th greatest drummer of all-time by Rolling Stone Magazine (2009). Jeff is our "Chief Beat Officer" (no he is not a cop) and makes sure all of us band members have a great "time."  He’s performed in London's Hyde Park with Aerosmith and toured the Netherlands alongside Iron Maiden, Motorhead and B.B. King.  He has shared the stage with Steve Vai, Eric Johnson, Robert Fripp and many other top musicians.


David Sikes

Rockin' Bass Player/ Backup Vocalist Extraordinaire

As the former decade long bass player/vocalist/songwriter for the world renowned rock n roll band BOSTON, David is the epitome of a rock n' roll bass player/musician.  He just plain rocks. A brief listen to David's tight bass lines and sweet harmonic vocals and it is clear that he IS a man of musicality, and has been honing his natural gifts since he was a child. Before touring the world with Boston, he notably played in the bands Aldo Nova and Giuffria.  Raised in Fairfield, CA, David has been a Northern California resident since he was young lad.   

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